Are you planning a destination wedding to Napa Valley or Sonoma County?

Roxanna of Let’s Face It Aesthetic Services & Napa Valley Bridal Makeup ~ providing the Valley’s best makeup services since 2002 and professionally since 1989.

With work published in both  Oprah’s O Magazine and People Magazine, Roxanna will help to make your wedding photos amazing and present you in your best look for you, your future husband, your guests and your wedding pictures for years to come.

Whether your Napa Valley wedding is during the day, at night, indoors or out – Napa Valley Bridal Makeup will ensure that your wedding photos are something to be proud of 50 years from now.

Why spend thousands of dollars on a wedding photographer and then do your makeup yourself? Call Roxanna today to set up your makeup session for you and/or your bridal party.  Click here to see Napa Valley Bridal Makeup’s description of Services.  Happy Wedding Planning in Napa Valley!

Please consider making your bridal makeup appointment in Napa at least six (6) months or more in advance for scheduling priority purposes or call Roxanna at (707) 963-8120 for your appointment today!

Let’s Face It Aesthetic Services (707) 963-8120


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